Salsa Pasión - Welkom

Salsa verdient een volwaardige stroming in de muziek- en danscultuur te zijn, zoals is gebeurd met Jazz en Rock in de wereld van de lichte muziek.

Salsa Pasión is een onafhankelijke organisatie ontstaan uit een behoefte aan kwaliteit op het gebied van muziek en dans.

Wij raden u aan regelmatig de Salsa Pasión website te bezoeken om op de hoogte te blijven van onze activiteiten.

Mocht u plannen hebben om een familie of een bedrijfsfeest te organiseren en nog niet weet op wat voor manier dit in te vullen. dan kunnen wij u wellicht op weg helpen met.


Salsa Pasión is een organisatie, ontstaan uit een behoefte aan kwaliteit op het gebied van muziek en dans. De doelstelling van Salsa Pasión is de Salsacultuur in Nederland een kwalitatief hoger aanzien te geven. Salsa verdient een volwaardige stroming in de muziek- en danscultuur te zijn, zoals is gebeurd met Jazz en Rock in de wereld van de lichte muziek.


16 daagse dansreis naar Cuba

retourvlucht met Martinair naar Havana;
vervoer luchthaven - hotel Vedado v.v. ;
toeristenvisum, boeking en handelingskosten;
10 uur dansles, percussieles of spaanse les verdeeld over de dagen;
of een andere samenstelling tot 10 uur les;

Het is ook mogelijk om les te krijgen in andere muziekinstrumenten (vooraf te bespreken).

16 daagse rondreis door Cuba, het hele jaar door, bij voldoende deelname

De reis zal per charterbus en vliegtuig afgelegd worden onder begeleiding van een Nederlands, Engels en Spaans sprekende gids met jarenlange Cuba-ervaring. Start en einde reis is Havana. We zullen de volgende plaatsen aandoen: Santiago de Cuba, Baracoa, Bayamo en Trinidad.

15 dagen naar Havana - Guanabó - Playa del Este, het hele jaar door, bij voldoende deelname

zin in een vrije swingende Cuba vakantie...tussen de Cubanen naar HAVANA-stad,waar de werkelijkheid de legende overtreft met zijn swingende Salsa en kleurrijke bewoners wat een stad wat een genot...



Alle dagen:

Cocktailbar met overheerlijke exotische drankjes
Dj Connaisseur draait Back Alley Music
Dj White draait Jazz – Latin Jazz – Crossover
Video groot beeld presentatie met Vj Gido

Vrijdag 20 augustus:

Dj’s draaien muziek uit Cuba, Suriname, Antillen, Zuid Amerika
Optreden van Fruta Bomba – 4 mans formatie speelt swingende Salsa
Workshops Salsa Cubana, Timba... gegeven door Raphael uit Cuba
Dansgroep The Latin Club bestaande uit 30 meisjes in de leeftijd van 5 t/m 15 jaar, danst Latin
Demonstratie Rumba door Raphael & partner uit Cuba
Optreden van Jongleur(s) met een spel van vuur

Zaterdag 21 augustus:

Samba Band 20 man sterk met uit Brazilië afkomstige danseressen
Dj Barulha draait Braziliaans
Workshop Salsa Cubana, Timba... gegeven door Raphael uit Cuba
Dj’s draaien o.a musica Cubana
Dansgroep The Latin Club danst Braziliaans
Optreden Limbo dansers

Zondag 22 augustus:

Chillen met Dj’s Connaisseur & White

Where to learn salsa

Salsa is without any doubt a very popular dancing style. This kind of music is characterized for creating a spectacular combination of instruments such as conga, cowbell, timbal, trombone and trumpet to mention some. Your delightful escort will introduce you to this genre so you can discover what makes it so exciting.

Dancing as a natural medicine for body and soul

Salsa is a lounge dance created in the Caribbean that combines Afro-Caribbean and European styles as spectacular escorts will inform you. This genre results from the influence of diverse rhythms such as chachacha, mambo, rumba and merengue to mention some.

You can enjoy this kind of rhythm in many different ways. You can enjoy it with a partner, in groups and also individually.

This style has been seen on cinema in many occasions, enrapturing the public with its rhythm and movements. Your exquisite escort will recommend you to watch the movie ‘Dance with me’ performed by Chayanne and Vanessa L. Williams if you want to see real professionals performing it.

The first thing you have to do to get started in the world of salsa is to know and practice the basic steps. Keep in mind that this dancing style is composed of eight tempos. You should always begin with the left foot and your partner with the right.

It is important to practice it on a daily basis and pay special attention to pause and change of direction. Skilled women from the will suggest you to count your steps so you can memorize them better. Another useful trick to master this style is to be aware that there is a person who follows and another who leads. However, the interpenetration between both of them is imperative; therefore no submissive role should be assumed.

Forget your concerns by moving to the beat of salsa

You will agree that it is a delight to go out dancing with magnificent escorts while you let yourself be seduced by their sensual movements. This is without doubt one of the greatest incentives that will motivate you to learn to move to the rhythm of salsa. However, it is worth to mention that this kind of physical activity allows you to improve your quality of life as well.

To follow the rhythm of salsa requires fast and very precise movements of hip, legs, shoulders and arms. Therefore, by moving while you stay focused on the steps and routines you are able to burn calories and exercise your body and your mind at the same time.

If you like dancing and want to know more about this exciting style, you can browse through the web in order to find specialized schools. Your fabulous escort will recommend you some useful online courses that have been specially designed so that you can easily learn from the comfort of your home.

Your delightful companion will show you how simple it is to learn this dance. All you have to do is to know how to communicate with your partner through the movements of your body.

You also have to adapt the signals to change the direction or the movements according to the rhythm as your amazing escorts will explain you. Let them guide you in this new adventure and show you the most splendid techniques.

Our passion for salsa

Salsa is a perfect mood enhancer for everyone. With its sultry dance movements and addictive music, dancing on the Latin rhythms cannot be missed. The passion for salsa usually comes from the family roots, but it can also be developed later in life as a recreation. Whether you dance your nights away for relaxation, or you practice it for a big competition, there is no doubt that you will love the intimate ambiance and the positive emotions it delivers you.

Salsa dancing can be a good social experience for every age as it helps you create new friendships. You can share your hobby with new persons and create a wonderful relationship. It is well-known that many people find their significant one on the dance ring. Spend your time at the club and get close to those around you. It is the perfect opportunity for strangers to share thoughts, develop feelings and build connections that can later turn into something special.

Let your fondness for salsa take you to the liveliest places within Netherlands and you will never get bored again. You will definitely enjoy the spectacular music and dance on every week night and during the special parties at the Salsa Pasión in Utrecht. Put a smile on your face and explore the best location and dancers. Find better entertainment than on Sex Chat and take your partner for a fun night out at Salsa Pasión.

When the stress from work or daily life weighs you down, there is nothing more relaxing than salsa dancing. It can clear your mind completely and relive the accumulated tension. No matter how much time has passed since you went to a club, you will remember the steps and focus on the present moment only. Anything else disappears from your thoughts and you will be left with a happy feeling. Salsa is one of those things that make life more interesting.

While you are in Amsterdam, do not hesitate and check out the salsa scene. Regardless if you are on a business trip or on vacation, it would be a pity if you miss the best parties around. From De Kroon, Badcuyp to Summer Breeze and Copa Cabana, make sure you get in time for the amazing events. In case you moved in the country or you stay just for a few days, pick up some salsa lessons and have a good time.

For someone who is shy, the salsa community is one of the best places where he can freely interact with others because they are open minded and very friendly. As soon as you enter the club’s door, you will be welcome and amazed by the positive energy. You can build confidence, improve attitude and also lose weight. Next time you dance with someone, you will express yourself better and have more courage. Increase your body’s flexibility while you burn those calories.

Many people have chosen salsa as their precious pastime. Due to its both mental and physical health benefits, the Latin style offers you a sense of freedom and achievement. You can offer your children an exciting activity or you may strengthen the bond with your lover. Get ready for an amazing night out and discover the incredible places you can go. Feel the salsa beats run through your body and have the happiest time of your life!